Get the most customer leads by upgrading your shop listing!


  • Get the Most Customer Leads on this package. Leads from relevant category and location!
  • You can choose this plan per location (area) or for the whole city!
  • Costs just 20 Rs. per lead!! (Pay in Advance).


  • Get only those customer leads who are interested in your shop.
  • Costs just 2000 Rs. per year – you get a listing, a website, email accounts etc!
  • Buy the 2000 Rs Website plan to get this plan.

3 Ways users find your shop...

1. First Way:

Users comes to our App (or) Website and search for a particular type of shop / service. Your shop listing will be displayed.. 

2. Second Way:

Users searches for a particular category of shop in Google. Depending on their location, your Shop will be visible in Google Search Results. User comes to your shop listing page. 

3. Third Way:

Using the “Around Me” feature, users find shops & services near them.. Your shop will be listed and all  your shop details: map location, photos , videos, Contact form etc., will be seen by users!

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Find Shops & Services Near you!

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Find Shops & Services Near you!